In Defense of Dirty Laundry | Vitae

In Defense of Dirty Laundry | Vitae

In Defense of Dirty Laundry

By David J. Leonard

January 15, 2014

We lament, vent about, and dissect student interactions all the time. From hallway conversations to conference sessions, from publications to dinner parties, shop talk is commonplace. And it’s generally accepted.

But now, of course, that talk is moving to a new space: Facebook. To some observers, this is a thing to be bemoaned. In…

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Athletic Programs’ Twitter Jitters - The Conversation - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Athletic Programs’ Twitter Jitters

February 25, 2013, 12:43 pm

By David J. Leonard


A few months into his inaugural season at Washington State University last fall, the football coach Mike Leach faced yet another controversy. Plagued by allegations…

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Michael Ealy’s ‘Unconditional’ sheds light on the cradle to prison pipeline - The Root DC Live - The Washington Post http://t.co/EqKTucFB
Winning a war with America’s Army | The Berkeley Beacon http://t.co/HoiP7afs - piece about my Emerson talk
I keep hearing that it is 40 days until the election … guess that means it is about 46 days until I get to hang with Regina N. Bradle…
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RT @sahaley: Wow. Bernice Johnson Reagon discussing/singing the story of writing “Ella’s Song.” Incredible. #asalh
RT @DillardAWS: SoniaSanchez discovered the Schomberg library at 19 read UpFromSlavery SoulsOfBlackFolk & TheirEyesWereWatchingGod & she began to cry#ASALH
RT @SoulistaPhD: I am gettin fed spiritually up in this piece! Sonia Sanchez is preachin! #ASALH
RT @RahielT: My thoughts on @Rihanna’s new single #Diamonds -> Choosing happiness: singer breaks free from her past http://t.co/KYsBckfu